How to Make Fresh-Picked Flower Crowns

He loves me, he loves me not…who cares. As spring blossoms in our closets, we’re always reminded of one of our favorite childhood pastimes, stringing together the perfect daisy chain.¬†Flower crowns have been a signature of some of our eternal style muses like Jane Birkin, Pamela des Barres and Drew Barrymore and lucky for us, Jasmin of Cult Gaia is giving us her ultimate tips to making these fresh-picked halos at home. Ready, set, bloom!

1. You’ll need 3 of your favorite types of flowers and 2-3 fillers (like Baby’s Breath or asters) for texture, floral rustic wire, wrapping wire, and floral tape.

2. Measure your head with the rustic wire…make sure to leave a little room! Then cut and twist the wire to make a full circle.

3. Cut your flowers and fillers, leaving 3″ below the stem.

4. Next, make bunches with 2-3 flowers and 2-3 fillers and wrap the stems together with floral tape.

5. Lay the bunches on your base and begin wrapping them around the base with wrapping wire, laying them side by side until you go all the way around. Et voila!

(Video by Alexa Karolinski)

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