Meg Myers Heads to Lollapalooza

G photo by Timothy Hiatt

Pop and EDM and rap are great, but if your ears are asking for something with a little more mood, direct your attention to Meg Myers. The Los Angeles-based artist is often compared to Fiona Apple and Alanis Morrissette, turning out music that is as dark as it is mesmerizing, with captivating music videos to match. Her video for her newly released “Desire” touches on rebellion, brutal honesty, and some pretty serious levitation. Last week, Meg headed out to Chicago to spread some of her magic at Lollapalooza and she was kind enough to snap some photos for us!


Rise and shine. It’s Lollapalooza, baby!


Getting weird with my cello player, Ken. He’s an angel.


I did an interview with one of my favorite radio programmers Stryker in a golf cart because it was raining. And then I stole his golf cart and drove it around. Tee  hee hee.


Let the press photos begin.


Get your camera out of my face.

Playing my single “Desire” unplugged – go buy it on iTunes 😉

H signing after performanc

 Met some amazing fans, love them. Aloha Jesus.


Press photos yet again.


Feeling really cool (and hungry) outside of my dressing room.


Nasty Gal After Party Vintage Flannel

Goofing with my producer/manager Doctor Rosen Rosen after finally getting to eat.

L watching spoon
Watching Spoon, having brewskie and laughing at dumb photos. It was nice to finally be done with everything and get to actually see a band.

M photo by Gaelle Beri

I was in a golf cart nearly the entire weekend. (Photo by Gaelle Beri)