Nasty Gag Reel: The LOL Archives

At NGHQ, workin’ our asses off is right up there with laughin’ our asses off.  And if there’s one place where the hustle and the party are one and the same, it’s in the studio, where our stylists, photogs, makeup artists, and hair stylists make (model) magic happen and make it look super easy—all while impersonating Drake and belting Adele (we call it “Adelting”). We decided we’re too hilarious to keep to ourselves, so scroll on to find out what really happens behind the scenes (spoiler: it’s basically proof that Nasty Gals do have more fun).


Rachel, hair stylist and lead color-test-card holder, wasn’t sure if you’d seen all her teeth before… like, all of them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.35.44 AM

Our Assistant Stylist, Liza, showin’ Britt how it’s done. Step one: unzip jeans.


What can we say? Alena’s got a hot ass.


One big room, fulla bad bitches… slow dancing…


Ferg the derg!


Marta goin’ bat shit cray.


Liza does her best James Goldstein to impress Joanna. OBVIOUSLY IT’S WORKING.


We call this piece: Gaud Is My Co-pilot.




Liza wiggin’ out (where the hell did that even come from, though??).


Nick, Liza, and Jen are not impressed. BUT WE ARE. #SQUADGOALS.