City Guide: London

To our Design Director and resident Brit, Sarah Wilkinson, home is where the vintage Vivenne Westwood is.


If anyone knows what’s good, it’s our Design Director, Sarah Wilkinson. So when she mentioned she was heading back home to London, we pretty much demanded she bring back a virtual tour. Read on for the best-kept secret in London vintage, creepy-but-awesome underground passageways, and killer palate cleansers once you’ve maxed out on fish ‘n chips.



Boxpark – It’s a pop-up shopping area with lots of fun eateries. Each store is designed to look like the back of a truck!

Rellik – This is one of my favorite vintage stores. It has three separate buyers, so you get a really good mix of styles, but bet on some amazing Vivienne Westwood and COMME des GARÇONS pieces.

Liberty – This place dates back to the 1800s! It was built to look like a ship and has gorgeous chandeliers and wooden galleys. It’s filled with one-of-a-kind fabrics, fashion, housewares–the list goes on. If you love style, you can’t go to London without making a trip to Liberty.

The Extortionists by Eine


Ebor Street in Shoreditch – The street art in London is amazing. “Extortionists” by Eine is one of my favorites–plus it’s right next to Boxpark, so you can make a day of it.

The Victoria and Albert Museum – My favorite museum, probably in the world. They showed McQueen’s Savage Beauty, they’ve shown Bowie–they’re just exquisite.

Margate – This is an up-and-coming seaside town full of awesome vintage furniture stores and all natural beauty stores (keep an eye out for the locally harvested seaweed products!). Also, if you head out there, DO NOT MISS Shell Grotto. It’s a recently rediscovered subterranean passageway whose walls are totally mosaic-ed in sea shells.

Curio Cabal


Curio Cabal – This Hackney spot is a my new favorite brunch cafe. It’s adorable for one thing–there’s art all over the walls, and it has a lovely garden. Highly recommend the Smashed Avocado.

Rök Smokehouse – Who knew Nordic food was a thing? This place is so. fucking. good. The meat fell apart in my mouth, and the cocktails are amazing.

Merci Marie Cafe – Super cute for an easy lunch or dinner. They use local, seasonal ingredients–perfect when you need a break from fish and chips at the pub. The menu changes up, but if they have the boiled eggs and soldiers when you’re there, jump on it–it’s a classic English dish!

The Zetter Townhouse


The Zetter Townhouse – LOVE this place. Every room is different and it’s full of Victorian curiosities–velvet furniture and old Chesterfields. If you’re at the bar, don’t pass up the deep-fried, anchovy-stuffed olives.

The Ace in Shoreditch – It’s everything you love about The Ace plus an underground nightclub. Literally underground. Very speakeasy.

Shoreditch House – A lot of people think you have to be a member, but you don’t. This place is great if you’re going for more of a minimal vibe. Plus it has a heated rooftop pool, so definitely hit that up.