Glossier: Like a Real-Life Instagram Filter, but Better

All hail Glossier—the cool girl skincare and makeup line that’s all about beauty in real life.


So this thing happened to me recently: I traded in body soap (which I used as face wash…yikes) for a fancy cleanser and replaced my Aveeno Body Lotion facial moisturizing routine (judge away…) with a full on cleanser, facial oil, moisturizer, and rose mist regimen. Suddenly I was wearing less makeup, my skin felt good, and I fell in love with Glossier, the brainchild of Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss—it made me actually want to take care of my skin.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to how I converted.


Step 1: Cleanse It Up

We all know that dreaded moment—when you’re all comfortable in bed and suddenly realize you forgot to wash your damn face and if you don’t do it, there’s going to be black mascara all over your new Bed, Bath & Beyond sheets. That’s probably why you need the Milky Jelly Cleanser in your life. It makes everything quick and easy because it gets rid of makeup and cleanses your face in one weird, jelly-like swoop. The cleanser works on wet or dry skin—which is strange and also cool. And hey, it turns out this stuff is better than bar soap (which apparently does not come equipped with Rosewater, Comfrey Root Extract, and Pro-Vitamin B5… good to know).

Step 2: Good Skin Is Tight

Literally and figuratively. When I’ve got a little time on my hands (I know, I’m hilarious), I pop on the Mega Galaxy Greens Mask—AKA green juice for my face—and follow it up with the I’m-staying-in-on-a-Friday-night Moisturizing Moon Mask. Then I take a few Snaps (no to dog filters, yes to the one that makes everything kinda pink and pretty) and cue up the Netflix.


Step 3: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Next, I lop on the Priming Moisturizer—the buildable lightweight moisturizer and primer that I keep with me at all times for optimal dewiness. My skin tends to be super dry, so I normally throw it on over a facial oil. Then I slap some Balm Dotcom (AKA super turnt-up Vaseline) onto my lips and over the extra-dry parts of my bod like my cuticles and elbows. One of my buds told me she uses it as a highlighter for her cheekbones, so I’m probably gonna try that next time I’m hungover and weird looking (tomorrow). Also, if you’re looking for something new, they just launched it in three new flavors,


Step 4: Less Makeup, More Time For Coffee

Shoutout to all the ladies who contour their faces and put up those giraffe-looking tutorials on the internet. I don’t have the patience  to contour, but I do know how to squeeze in a 3-minute makeup routine every morning, which is frankly just as impressive.

I start off with the Stretch Concealer to cover up a few blemishes and my under-eye bags (sorry skin, my cocktails and late night Broad City binges are not going anywhere). Then I brush on a little boy brow to make my hairy Indian brows looks slightly tame and finish up with my favorite, a little Generation G. It’s like a tinted lip balm straight from the Glossier heavens providing a hint of color, lightweight coverage, and a little moisture. If I’m feeling crazy I layer it on top of this $1 Wet n’ Wild lip liner I bought approximately five years ago.

That’s it, guys. Shoutout to Emily Weiss for making me look presentable on the daily.

For more on Emily, check out her Girlboss Radio feature. For more on Glossier, visit their site.