Art Basel, bb!

I came, I saw, I chased neon signs that complemented my selfies.


Our friend Randi Bergman spent some time traversing the fairs and the parties at Art Basel Miami Beach last weekend, in which she discovered an important fact: hangovers come and go but art is eternal. Check out her diary below:


Found some art that matched my outfit (above right, Anne Libby at Night Gallery, NADA Art Fair) and some I wish matched my outfit (above left, Mel Ramos at Omar Tiroche, Art Miami)


Once my friend Sam discovered The Edition’s subterranean skating rink, there was no stopping her. She went back every night and she has the multiple knee scrapes to prove it (I preferred to selfie while clutching the banister)


Wong Ping’s booth at the Edourd Malinge gallery (above) was by far my fave at Art Basel’s main fair. The Maneki-Neko (waving cats) you see here were placed below an animated short about an impotent man and his frisky wife living in Hong Kong.


This glitzy mannequin butt lead the way to Soho House’s epic beachside party tent.


A few of my favourite pieces, a weave blowing in the wind by Adam Parker Smith (above left, The Hole, Untitled Art Fair) and Isa Genzken at the Rubell (above right).


My friend Mel kept referring to Surface Magazine’s blowout at the Faena as “the party inside the Faberge egg.” Lol.


Here’s my friend Cary expertly posing in a bathtub at the Moschino party. Below, Siena, Faryl and Tyler at Shake Shack after realizing they were too hungover for art.


All images by Randi Bergman. You can follow her on Insta here.