Everything Is Terrible Just Made Everything Less Terrible

The video collective’s two-week event stars 14,000 VHS copies of Jerry Maguire.

Remember when Everything Is Terrible made this heartwarming video? Or this one? At its core, the video collective is a lens into moments that reveal our essence as a people, and indeed, the greatness of our culture. It goes without saying then, that their Jerry Maguire Video Store, posting up at Echo Park’s IAM8BIT Gallery January 13-29, will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Beyond resurrecting the exact likeness of a video rental store circa ’96 that houses only Jerry Maguire on VHS (or “Jerrys” as the team affectionately refers to them–they’ve quietly amassed about 14,000 of these, to give you an idea), they’ll also be hosting 11 music showcases, including a Burger Records show Jan. 21st (follow our Snap coverage that night if you can’t make it out, @nastygal).

We asked the good people over at Everything Is Terrible to shed some light onto what drove them to make this dream a reality. Here’s what they told us:

“This is the American Dream realized to the furthest, dumbest extent. Walking into a video store filled with nothing but Jerry Maguire on VHS is like stepping into another dimension where everything is terrible, and yet nothing is.”

#Blessed. To enter this haven yourself, check out Everything Is Terrible. All proceeds go toward phase 2 of this esteemed project: the enormous and permanent Jerry Maguire desert pyramid, where “all the world’s Jerrys will live until the end of time.” If you can’t make it out, not to worry–you can still stand up and be counted via financial donations toward the land, materials, and labor that are needed to manifest this genius. And if you have any extra Jerrys lying around–don’t be embarrassed–just send them to: PO Box 50825, Los Angeles, CA 90050. No questions asked.

Photo by Jim Newberry