Oh Hi, Hawaii

Producer, photo journalist, and all around mega-babe Sharlene Chiu shows us around the island…

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. If you want to see what magic looks like, hike like you’ve never hiked before into the far depths of the volcano towards the epic 61G lava flow. Walking on dried lava goes from feeling like you’re tiptoeing on delicate meringue to stomping on sharp shards of glass – magical.

Feel the heat!

If there’s one shop you go to in Hilo, go here.

The King Kamehameha Market is vintage Hawaiian print heaven.

Regret is not buying out all these pillows and bringing them back home with me.

Feel the joy of Hawaii at the Hilo Farmer’s Market.

$10 handmade bamboo bracelets from the market, yo.

Contemplating life in the jungle.

The OG poke spread at Suisan Fish Market.

Essential Hawaii Island road trip pit stop #1, the TEX Drive-in for homemade Malasadas.

Malasadas are Portuguese donuts and are made fresh to order at TEX Drive-In and filled with warm custard and Nutella.

Hawi is a tiny charming town mid-way from Hilo to Kona and IMHO the definition of cute overload.

Sorry, never coming back. Instead, starting a new life as a shave ice lady at Original Big Island.

Oh yeah, remember when I hiked two toe nails off on my way to the lava? Well, that don’t matter with a view like this of Keauhou Bay.

Serenity Now. Breathing in that pink Himalayan salt at Hoola Spa.

Manago: The oldest restaurant in Hawaii and the best damn butter miso cod to ever land in my mouth.

Garlic furikake fried chicken and loco moco from Broke Da Mouth Grindz. So good it makes you wonder if your life is better because now you know what pure deliciousness tastes like, or worse because unless you move here, you might never taste that level of joy ever again.

One last Mai Tai at the only place to have one last Mai Tai, Huggo’s on the Rocks by Kailua-Bay.