Top Ten Addictions: February ’17

Cool stuff flies into the Nasty Galaxy every day, but here are a few of the things we just can’t stop talking about…

1. Kit-Kat Japan released 3 flavors of sushi candy bar.

2. People are spending $10,000 on bottles of Big Mac sauce.

3. Cuisinart released a soft-serve machine for your home so you don’t have to go to Rite Aid at three in the morning.

4. Opening Ceremony’s new collection debuted as a protest dance on a ballet stage.

5. Arizona broke.

6. Gucci reveals an all-black cast for its Pre-Fall ’17 campaign.

7. You can browse Netflix with your brain now and not get BBQ sauce all over your remote control which is totally normal and not embarrassing at all.

8. Kitty Gaga performed at the Puppy Bowl in a meat collar.

9. This heiress turned down 65 marriage proposals because nah.

10. Ellen Degeneres talked about Finding Dory in a way that was totally not political or shade and in no way related to the events of the past week.

BONUS THING: There is no bonus thing this week. January did not deserve a bonus thing.