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Awkward Prom: Courtesy of Nasty Gal HQ

It literally does not get more awkward than prom.


Those worst-case-scenario backdrops, that Limited Too-inspired formal dress, the bushy corsage from that janky grocery store up the street–all cherished memories. In honor of our Anti-Prom drop, we found the best of the worst prom photos from Nasty Gal HQ just for you.

Nikole Guzman – Nasty Galaxy Contributor

“Holding this pose for 10 minutes was almost as awkward as my boyfriend getting pissed after I drunkenly started hitting on the dudes in the band. Yeesh.”

Caroline Sill – Marketing Director

“Apparently no one loved Gwen Stefani’s hair circa ’99 quite like I did. Also, cheetah print.”

Randi Bergman – Editorial Contributor

“I remember thinking this was a v classy look, and based my hair off the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is whining about feeling the ‘zsa zsa zu’ (of course, I had a matching diary entry in which I whined about the exact same thing).”

Remy Ramirez – Editorial Contributor/Horoscope Queen

“Honestly, can we please go back to a time when dudes bleached their slick-backs? YAS Sugar Ray. Also, why is getting the boutonniere on SO awkward? I’d been trying for ten minutes before my friend had to intervene. Duder was not impressed.”

Honorable Mentions

Spencer Nemeitz – Social Media Content Producer

“I had a very awkward time at prom when I forgot that you can only go to prom with one person. I found myself in quite the predicament and was worried that I might not be a good date, but luckily everything worked out for the best once I split my physical being into five separate entities. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Sam Wasserman – PR

“This is the closest I have to awkward prom photos. It’s from when I did a prom inspired shoot in Palm Springs. Less awkward, more award winning tho 💅🏻”

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