Top Ten Addictions: March ’17

Cool stuff flies into the Nasty Galaxy every day, but here are a few of the things we just can’t stop talking about…

1. Someone needs to stop Brooklyn because they’re making spaghetti donuts now.

2. Whoever is running the Wendy’s Twitter is SAVAGE.

3. Our festival diet–a gallon of lemonade and an entire Beyoncé statue made of brie.

4. A Star Wars director named a fictional planet after a Starbucks name mix-up.

5. Charli XCX shined a spotlight on our fav underrated female acts with her new mixtape.


7. Lindsay Lohan has a new reality show where she takes over your phone for 24 hours and then you get prizes.

8. Rihanna’s Paper cover is inspiring some of the most glorious memes.

9. There’s gonna be a solo Batgirl movie and it may introduce the first trans character to superhero movies.

10. This kid couldn’t get a Nintendo Switch so he made one out of cardboard.