Top Ten Addictions: April ’17

Cool stuff flies into the Nasty Galaxy every day, but here are a few of the things we just can’t stop talking about…

1. Fyre Festival happened and it was HILARIOUS.

2. Starbucks ran out of unicorn frappes so they tapped into other mythical beasts.

3. IKEA set the record straight about Balenciaga’s copycat bag.

4. Someone made an phone that does nothing but call people kind of like people did in the 90s.

5. People are paying thousands of dollars for square fruit in Japan for the…Instagram pic?

6. China debuted a new boy band with an all-girl line-up.

7. This genius man made a wine bottle that doesn’t drip. GENIUS.

8. Serena Williams was on the receiving end of some racist comments and her clapback was flawless.

9. The Sprinkles cupcake lady is making pizza now.

10. Katy Perry is designing shoes for Hillary Clinton.

Bonus thing: If you love Hillary Clinton but are undecided on shoes, there’s also a Hillary Clinton whiskey.

But like, what do you have against shoes?

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