5 Iconic Music Videos with All the Right Moves

Move the coffee table over—it’s time to learn choreo from the best.

When you’re watching rappers pop bottles in mansions with a backdrop of models, or singers dramatically lip-synching into the camera, it seems like we’ve reached the pinnacle of music videos. What makes a music video revolutionary isn’t the stacks of money or unnecessarily long intros (can we kill that cliché, please?)—it’s the killer dance routines, innovative costumes, and creative masterminds behind it all. I mean, how can you not be hypnotized by Ciara’s moves? From early YouTube classics to the great music videos of today, we rounded up the most memorable dance routines that’ll get you moving.

SALT-N-PEPA, “Shoop”

There’s a reason why “Shoop” became a legendary hip-hop song, hitting no. 1 on the charts in ‘93. With synchronized dance routines and denim ensembles, the group flips the narrative with smooth moves and even smoother lyrics. Besides their genius lyrical skills and iconic fashion choices, Salt-N-Pepa trail-blazed their way into a male-dominated genre, owning it entirely.

CIARA, “1, 2 Step”

From Matrix-style moves to twerking, it’s hard to pick just one of the dancing queen’s repertoires. If there’s any music video that will make you literally get up and dance, it’s Ciara’s legendary choreo in “1, 2 step”—and it’s incredibly easy to learn if you’re uncoordinated (like myself). Side note: her glistening abs are unreal.

FATBOY SLIM, “Weapon of Choice”

What music video roundup would be complete without Christopher Walken’s iconic dance moves? We’re revisiting the choreography that still has us talking, courtesy of Spike Jonze and Michael Rooney. Christopher Walken dancing in a suit is what music video dreams are made of.


Witty lyrics, hard-hitting beats, and never forget, the blow-up trash bag suit. The Grammy award-winning, multi-talented artist made some of the most iconic music videos. With cartoonish visuals and ground-breaking choreography, Missy’s videos are works of art.

DESTINY’S CHILD, “Bootylicious”

Somewhere in your guilty pleasures lies this Destiny’s Child gem. Before your obsession with Beyonce came about, Destiny’s Child took pop music by storm, cementing them as one the best female groups ever. The colorful two-pieces, lively choreography, and creation of a new word is a serious mood-booster.