Nasty Gals Party Harder: Meet Joanna

We tapped some of our fave London ladies for lessons on how to kill it this party season.

In honor of our month-long London Pad Pop-Up–and the launch of our latest After Party drop-–we got the party time 411 from some of London’s best and babeliest. We catch up with Joanna Kuchta on party hacks, no makeup makeup, and the wonders of bacon as a hangover cure.
A bit about you in one sentence:
Professional Instagram princess from Poland.
Celebrity doppelgänger:
People say I look like Emma Roberts ! She’s super cute inside out so it’s lit.
Most awkward fashion moment:
Nothing is an awkward fashion moment if u pretend like it’s meant to be like that! It’s all about confidence.
Feelings towards glitter:
If you look through my bag at any given party, you would find: 
Cigarettes? Also don’t smoke.
The song I have on repeat is:
Post Malone – Rockstar
Best party outfit?
Fur coat and something glittery underneath!
Worst party outfit?
No such thing!
Best hangover cure:
Favorite party disaster:
I have OCD so no disasters are good!!!! lol
The best nights always end with….
All my favorite people doing a sing song!
Favorite vintage piece?
Dior monogram jacket–IT’S PINK!
Morning, afternoon or night?
Vintage shopping hack?
Etsy is amazing. Go look there!
Finish this sentence: The first time I….
All my stories are so not PG SO IM GONNA SKIP!
What’s your poison:
Champagne! I looooove drinking just champagne on nights out but it always ends so bad. I’ll never learn.
Pre-Party or After Party?
Dress, jumpsuit or other?
Favorite party hack:
Bring sunglasses.
Would you rather give up your phone or caffeine?
Caffeine otherwise I would lose my job.
Hidden talent:
I was a professional show jumper as a kid.
Best advice I’ve ever gotten:
Surround yourself with creative people.
Go-to beauty look:
Dewy skin and no makeup makeup.
My last purchase was:
Toilet brush. I just moved house hahah
One thing I would never wear:
GREEN! the worst color
Top 3 shopping spots in London?
Bond St
Brick Lane
Top 3 shopping spots in LA?
Melrose Ave
Rodeo Drive
Opening Ceremony
Photography by Renee Carey
Styling by Keely Murphy