Nasty Gals Party Harder: Meet Mpho

We tapped some of our fave London ladies for lessons on how to kill it this party season.

In honor of our month-long London Pad Pop-Up–and the launch of our latest collection, Nasty Gal Studio–we got the party time 411 from some of London’s best and babeliest. We catch up with Mpho Lebajoa on vintage shopping hacks (hit the costume section), doubling up on socks, and go-to late night lewks.

A bit about you in one sentence:
I’d like to think I exude positive energy haha! I’m usually upbeat or joking and don’t take myself too seriously. 
Most awkward fashion moment:
When I have to wear 2 pairs of socks just so my size 3 boots fit me.
Feelings towards glitter:
Absolutely NO glitter! ‍♀
If you look through my bag at any given party, you would find:
Powder brush & lipstick.
The song I have on repeat is:
Real Estate – After The Moon
Best party outfit?
Flared leather trousers & a strappy crop top or bodysuit.
Worst party outfit?
Any type of Halloween outfit (I hate Halloween).
Best hangover cure:
Sleep all day.
Favorite party disaster:
Getting too lit at the pre party then not being able to make it to the main event.
The best nights always end with….
An after party.
Favorite vintage piece?
My dads suede tan oversized jacket. 
Morning, afternoon or night?
Vintage shopping hack?
The ‘fancy dress/dress up’ section is usually the best, even though it usually looks messy and a bit crazyyy.
Finish this sentence: That one time I…
Opened the door to the postman with only one eyebrow drawn on.
What’s your poison:
Tequila if it’s going to be a long night. Or Strawberry Daiquiri if it’s a cocktails night.
Dress, jumpsuit or other?
Favorite party hack:
Have a glass of water after each shot.
Would you rather give up your phone or caffeine?
Hidden Talent:
I like to sing.
Worst holiday party moment:
Having to leave a good party early cause you’re friends couldn’t slow down on the gin.
Best advice I’ve ever gotten:
You only have one life to live so make the most of it.
Currently binge watching:
Criminal Minds.
Go-to beauty look:
Dark lip.
Who parties harder: LA or the UK? Be honest!
Definitely the UK from what I’ve seen!