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You’re Officially (Un)Invited to Our Lil Chat with Mallrat

The singer/songwriter who’s got the essential soundtrack to your soul. Thank us later.

Australian singer-songwriter, and our general cool-as-fuck girl crush Mallrat (a.k.a Grace Shaw) is the 18 year old who is taking the music industry by storm. At just 17, her 2016 EP Uninvited became every anti-social-social girl’s soundtrack to life and a must for those ‘fuck the world, I need a pick-me-up’ kinda days. With a medley of clever, nostalgic, and often funny lyrics, encapsulated in upbeat synth pop tunes, Mallrat’s tracks journey us through subjects such as drifts in relationships (Tokoyo Drift), insecurities and isolation (Inside Voices), and wishing you were never invited to that party you don’t really wanna go to anyway (Uninvited). After a very busy summer of playing at countless music festivals such as Listen Out, Spilt Milk, and Splendor in the Grass, a guest spot on the track Rush Hour for her buddy Oh Boy, and the recent release of her new single Better; Mallrat has encountered another success–her recently announced national Australian tour has completely. sold. out. With the world at her feet, and whispers of a new EP in the air, we caught up to talk dance parties, vegan milkshakes and being mistaken for a surf rock band.

The Uninvited EP has been a roaring success and refreshingly innovative. What have you been up to since the album’s release?

Thank you! I’ve been playing heaps of shows and making lots of songs. I feel like I’ve learned so much about people and music in the last year.

Your lyrics are so relatable, clever, and even funny at times; what’s your writing process when it comes to writing a new song? 

I’m always writing lyrics, I’ll often steal things from overheard conversations and then start to build the song around that. Usually the songs are a combination of people watching and things that I’m too scared to talk about.

The feeling of nostalgia seems to play a really fundamental part in your music. How important is it for you to create that?

Nostalgia is my favourite feeling because it’s happy and sad at the same time. I’m not concerned with preaching messages in my lyrics or showing off technical music production, I just hope to make people feel or remember something.

Mallrat is such a catchy moniker. It seems to both fit with, yet also clash, against your songs–what have other people’s reactions been to it?

I’ve definitely had people come up to me after festivals saying “I wish I saw your set but I didn’t go because I assumed you were a surf rock band.”

Your track with Oh Boy, Rush Hour, is incredibly fun. Did you have as much fun making it as it sounds?

Oh Boy is such a good friend of mine so it’s always fun to make something with him.
We had a big sleepover with all his housemates and our friends to record backing vocals (didn’t end up using most of them but it was such a fun night, we made vegan milkshakes and had a big dance party in his kitchen).

You’ve recently released your new single Better. What’s the track about?

It’s scary enough to record and share lyrics, so I’d rather not give them context.
Plus I like that people apply it to their own life; once I’ve given the song away I don’t want to take it back and tell them how to listen to it.

Your music seems to be defiant against genre, its poppy, with a little bit of rap, but with this dance vibe. How would you describe your music to those who haven’t heard it yet?

I think it’s pop! But with some hip hop production and fast verses. LA industry people would call it #urbancrossover.

Did you face any challenges, or have you learnt anything from being a young woman entering the music industry?

My own experience has a lot to do with being a teenage girl; I see how often we are underestimated and I’m excited that I can speak a little bit to/for such an important group of people.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for any women out there who want to get into the music industry? 

Trust your gut and use your individuality to your advantage.

Check out more from Mallrat here or keep up with the latest on her Insta @lilmallrat

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