Upgrade Your Stash This 4/20

Nice Paper highlights, well-designed cannabis products and accessories for this high holiday.

By Marta Freedman

Photos by Leslie Kirchoff

It’s 4:20 somewhere, right? The best holiday of the year is upon us, so we enlisted Nice Paper to give us a breakdown of some of their favorite finds from their recent shoot at the Madonna Inn. In 2018, stoner culture is getting a major rebrand thanks to the likes of Tetra, Broccoli Magazine, and Mister Green. With ten states legal for recreational consumption (and hopefully more on the way), we present you with some cannabis eye candy.

Balance Pipe by Tetra ($65)

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the Balance Pipe by Tetra is the first of its kind. Created by New York designer Jamie Wolfond, the Balance Pipe is proportioned and scaled for easy and enjoyable use. It stands flat and sits pretty when not in use.

Rolling Tray ($68) & Grinder from Mister Green ($35)

Whether you like to roll or bowl, a nice grinder is essential in any cannabis kit. If you’re new to cannabis, grinding your green will make for a better smoke. The four chambers will catch your green in all the right places (and you can save the kief for later, too). The matching brass tray will help you keep it all together with less mess.

Fiorucci Angels Tin Box ($10)

As you build your stash, you’ll need somewhere to store it, and this Fiorucci Angels tin is one of our faves. Typical stash boxes still look super masculine and “stoner-y” so we love repurposing boxes and tins. The aluminum is smell-proof, and the lid can double as a rolling tray, too. 😉

 Haute Smokes Flumette ($135)

We love nice things, and we’re grateful to brands like Haute Smokes for creating accessories to empower us during a smoke sesh. This gold plated flumette with sapphires feels as luxe as it looks. It’s just a fancy joint holder at the end of the day, but it will make you feel like you’re smoking a million bucks.

Island Co. Prerolls ($25)

If you don’t want to roll your own, that’s ok, too. We don’t endorse smoking cigarettes but these pre-rolls that look (and burn) like them will change the game for social smokers. If you’re in SoCal, you can get these delivered via Eaze. You just have to choose between Sativa (more of an uplifting, energizing high) or Indica (more relaxing).

Select CBD Vape Pen ($45)

Legal in all 50 states, these hemp-derived CBD vape pens are perfect to stash in your bag. With blends like lavender or cinnamon to relax, or peppermint and spearmint to help you focus, Select CBD is a must-try. There’s matching tinctures, too–squeeze a dropper into your morning coffee or directly under your tongue.

Kin Slips ($27-37)

If being discreet is more your vibe, Kin Slips has you covered. These sublingual strips go under your tongue and dissolve a precise dose within minutes. Our favorite is Cloud Buster (pictured here) which gives you an uplifted and creative boost.

Défoncé Chocolatier ($20)

Edibles can be scary when you don’t know how much you’re eating. Défoncé Chocolatier takes the guesswork out by making sure you know each geometrically shaped bite is a 5mg dose. With flavors like mint, hazelnut, coffee and matcha (pictured here), the finest chocolate is infused with single-origin cannabis for a high-quality experience. You can find it in medical and recreational shops across California.

A short q&a with Kelly Mason, Communty Manager at Kin Slips

What’s a sublingual and why is it a favorable consumption method?

“Sublingual” refers to anything placed under [sub] the tongue [lingual], where tiny pathways pull the cannabis and terpenes directly into your blood stream. Terpenes are produced by the cannabis plant and are as important to your experience as THC and CBD, but they are destroyed by stomach acids when consumed in an edible and many are burned away when smoked. Sublingual is one of the only ways to get that full-spectrum effect. It’s also faster acting than an edible, with a 10-15 minute onset rivaling smoking or vaping as opposed to an hour or more for, say, a brownie.“

Strains can be overwhelming for the novice cannabis user. What’s your favorite Kin Slips blend and dosage for a newbie?

“Totally agree—which is why our blends don’t follow typical “strain” conventions. In fact, we start with a pure oil isolate and add terpenes back in to regulate effect. My favorite blend is Park Life to combat anxiety and stomach issues, but the Cloud Buster microdose (5mg) is a perfect foray into THC.”

Have a nice day!

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