Your May ’18 Horoscope

This month, expect a bit of surprise, a lot of upheaval, and a reminder to get that money, honey. Our astrologer-at-large, Kaylee Cole, is spillin’ the secrets of the cosmos.

By Kaylee Cole

Illustrations by Grace Miceli

Beautiful Libra. Do you feel it? Balance is coming. Your fav. You’ll start the month with a boost in your income and work life–yay, success! Use this feeling of support to work through any issues you may have surrounding sex and intimacy. What do you want to merge? Perhaps there’s been a separation between your sexual relationships and your emotional relationships. I see an opportunity for you to merge your desires and your dreams and call in relationships that feed both your heart and your sexual appetite. The full moon at the end of the month illuminates your 3rd house, the house of the mind, communication, and social activity. Get ready to get out there, meet people, and feel your ability to communicate clearly and compassionately flow with ease.

It’s been a transformative year for you, sweet Scorpio sister. Big changes are on the horizon and I encourage you to move ahead with full conviction, strong and sure in your power. The new moon on May 15th is a special one for you. I encourage you to write down what you’d like to manifest in this lunar cycle. The new moon is in your 7th house, the house of relationships, contracts, business partners, etc. So ask yourself: what is it that I really want here? Use the power of this New Moon in Taurus. Call upon the strength of the bull to manifest any changes you deem necessary–now is the time. You will find yourself at the end of the month, with the Full Moon in May 29th, with improvements in your finances, work, and income.

Sag sister, perhaps you’ve been feeling a little… stagnant? The winter was long, and maybe it was tough, but I’m here to tell you that major endings, healings, and closures are on the horizon. You’ll end the month of May with a big, beautiful Sagittarius full moon in your first house. Ok, so what does this mean? Well, the first house rules self, new beginnings, the body, and beauty. I suspect whatever you were healing from and letting go of at the end of April will come full circle at the end of May. Whatever you were closing will provide a beautiful, new, shiny door. Use the month’s new moon on May 15th to plant seeds of intention around your physical health, fitness, and work habits. By the Sagittarius full moon on May 29th, you will likely see the seeds blossom into beautiful manifestations of health, happiness, and wealth–both spiritually and materially. Just don’t spend it all in one place.

My mountain goat sister, what do you need to let go of? What is no longer serving you in your relationships? The new moon on May 15th falls in your 5th house of romance, love, and creativity will be a perfect opportunity to sow the seeds of manifestation for what you want to call in. The full moon on May 29th illuminates your 12th house of endings, healings, and closure. You have an incredible opportunity to work with the lunar cycles of this month to let go of what’s been holding you back and bring in what you really, truly want. Welcome the endings that the month brings, see any ending as a completion, a graduation, and again, sister, use that new moon to really dream and scheme what sort of love and friendship you want to see in your life.

Ooooh, Aquarius. A beautiful month is ahead of you, and with that,  May will be a good time to just do you. Think of your motto this month as: self-care, self-love. I suggest you use the May 15th New Moon to call in all that you need to make your house a home. On this day, Uranus will also be making its move into Taurus, the sign of home and luxury. This shift, which will last 7 years, will take place in your 4th house. The 4th house deals with home, family and self care–aka, our foundation. If any of these areas in your life have felt shaky, it’s my belief that you will have all the powers of the cosmos to help build an incredible foundation of self love that will affect all the other areas of your life.

My dear water babe, there’s so much fun to come. Do you feel that spring has sprung? If you haven’t felt the shift already, you definitely will this month. Maybe last month’s Mercury Retrograde got you down, perhaps the last full moon at the end of April had you feeling some type of way–but I’m here to tell you that change is coming. A full moon at the end of this month is about to blaze in,  illuminating your career. I sense that things are going to flow a lot more easily, that money will abundant, and that you may find yourself with more love and support from your community that ever before. The New Moon on May 15th will give you an opportunity to improve your communication, will spark lots of social activity and will be a time to manifest lots of love in your job and in your life. Use it!

Hope you’re still riding that birthday season high and going into this next year with your fire burning, Ram babe. May will be a beautiful month for you–stabilizing and exciting. With the May 15th’s New Moon in your 2nd house, the house of money, work and income, I see you finding either a new gig or, at the very least, finding money stashed  in places you least expected (no, not the piggy bank or underneath a proverbial mattress–you’re grown). Look out for May 15th–this is gonna be a special one, as it is the day that Uranus makes its shift into Taurus, where it will stay for the next seven years. Uranus is the planet of surprise and upheaval and Taurus is the sign of finances, earthly and material. Think of yourself as a gameshow contestant, trapped inside one of those booths full of money flying around and you’re trynna catch it all. Try not to feel too overwhelmed about it. Just grab, grab, grab.

Happy birthday my sweet earth babe! Another year older, another year wiser, and another year thismuch closer to actually adulting. This month will focus on the latter for you, with a New Moon in your sign of Taurus and with Uranus, the planet of upheaval and surprise, shifting into Taurus (where it will stay for the next seven years) both on May 15th. These are all good things–trust! Mid month, I sense that not only will you have a stronger sense of self, but your intuition will be on lock, and your ability to communicate and create will be strengthened. See? Adulting. You might also find an increased sense of security comes with some surprises as Uranus makes its shift into your home sign, Taurus. Taurus rules money and banking, and this shift of Uranus into Taurus will affect us all on a global level. You may find yourself in a surprisingly good position, growing stronger and stronger financially beyond this month. Spread the love (aka, this birthday, shots are probably on you).

Shit’s getting hectic this month, Gem, but hectic is where you thrive. The New Moon on May 15th falls in your twelfth house, aka the house of endings, healing, karma, and limiting beliefs. But hey, none of these are bad things, and the cosmos have equipped you for these kinds of disruptions. New Moons are a time of new beginnings, after all, and come birthday season, you’re gonna feel totally transformed. Use the new moon to write down your intentions, ground yourself by calling in your magical helpers (or, like, wine) and any tools you think you’ll need to totally knock this transformation out of the park. Proud of you bb, and how far you’ve come.

Moon baby, it’s officially time to come out of your shell and shine. This month, you will find yourself the center of attention–and you’re living for it. Lots of social buzz, lots of invites, lots of love. Think of it this way: winter is over. Spring has sprung and you will feel it, see it, and reap its sweet sweet benefits. The full moon at the end of the month will illuminate your 6th house and will give you an opportunity to let go of any health and work habits that are no longer serving you (consider giving up Postmates–it’s torture vice here at NG HQ). Yep, there’s a flurry of social activity this month–but always remember to take time for self care (ok, so maaaaybe you don’t have to give up the Postmates habit after all).

What’s up lioness? This month will be hot and heavy on the romance front, but only if you allow it. Look for it, if you don’t currently have it–trust that it will be there. It will be lit up by the full moon at the end of the month. If you’re currently coupled up, then enjoy and be open to add romance, play with your partner, create and tap into your childlike spirit, and generally spice things up. Uranus is making some big moves on May 15th, switching into the sign of Taurus, where it will reside for the next seven years. This shift happens for you, in your 10th house–the house of structure, reputation, and career. Expect changes, expect surprises,  but also expect stability. This shift is one that all of us will feel but my inclination is that you will feel it most deeply in your work life, but in a good way. Use the new moon on the same day (May 15) to write down your dreams and desires, especially those that are career oriented. Then sit back and watch as you begin to truly manifest the work you’ve always wanted. You are ready!

Dear Virgo, my sweet sister, pack your damn bags. You’ll have an opportunity, mid month, with the New Moon in Taurus, to start manifesting travel. Where you do you want to go? (We hear Lisbon is awesome this time of year.) What do you want to learn? Use this new moon on May 15th to start making plans to journey, whether it be physically or in your mind. The full moon in Sagittarius at the end of the month may leave you feeling a bit raw, so I suggest using the light of the moon to practice self care, healing at home, and honoring your emotions. While you’re making some plans to take over the world, make sure you take care of yourself first.

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