Working For The (Long) Weekend

With Summer finally upon us, we’re ready to break out our bikinis, cutoffs, and koozies for a holiday weekend packed with road trips, pool parties and backyard BBQs.

Sarah, Graphic Designer: “One thing is for sure —I’m going to see Moonrise Kingdom, the new Wes Anderson movie opening this weekend and I cannot wait. I always love the scores to his movies and his use of color among many other things. Plus, who doesn’t love Bill Murray?!”

Houman, Sample Coordinator: “I plan on eating (and shopping) my way through San Francisco, starting with a Croque Monsieur and banana cream tart at Tartine Bakery.”

Madison, Junior Copywriter: “Taking a road trip up the California coast, making a pit stop in San Luis Obispo for some hot springs action. I’ll also be seeking out BBQ and anything fried along the way.”

Nicki, Front Desk Coordinator: “I’m headed to the Standard Downtown on Saturday for a rooftop pool party before heading to see James Blake DJ at Dim Mak Studios.”

Kaitlyn, Senior PR Manager: “I’m going to an Americana-themed BBQ at my friend’s place on the Venice canals. If we don’t show up in red, white & blue, we have to take a keg stand before walking in the door while everyone chants “USA, USA!” Needless to say, I’m dressing up.”