Working For The Weekend

With the weekend just minutes away, the most pressing question at Nasty Gal HQ is, “What are up to this weekend?” As it turns out, there’s a ton of cool stuff going on, so we thought we’d let you in on what we’ll be up to.

Simone, Merchandising Assistant: “I’m headed to the opening for James Franco’s latest project, Rebel. It’s a tribute to the classic James Dean flick, Rebel Without A Cause, and I’m not so secretly hoping to run into James (Franco, not Dean) in the inevitable sea of people at the party.”

Jaclyn, Fashion Writer: “Saturday is the season premiere of Cinespia’s Cemetery Screenings, so I’m going to hang out in a graveyard with a bunch of friends, a few bottles of wine, and Hitchcock after swinging by the Rebel premiere with the same goal as Simone.”

Sophia, Founder + CEO: “I’m going to SF to see friends and try to save Adobe Books, a great independent bookstore in danger of closing.”

Jenny, Graphic Designer: “Tonight, I’m going to a BBQ followed by mobile karaoke in my friend’s RV called the RVIP Lounge.”

Sarah Kissell, Art Director: “SANGRIA SATURDAY – a.k.a. getting drunk on my porch in the sunshine at 3 p.m.”

Basically everyone at Nasty Gal HQ: “The Rose Bowl Flea Market!” It’s our favorite spot to hunt for vintage gold and amazing street style.