Working For The Weekend

Motocycles. Hot springs. Hair dye. These are the things Nasty Gal weekends are made of.

Dee, Assistant Designer: “I’m going on an awesome motorcycle camping trip! Lots of babes, bikes, beers, hiking and water sports!”

Jacqueline, Junior Buyer: “I’m going to load up on shiny things at the Rossmore Sample Sale. It’s a really awesome LA designer that we’re going to start carrying next month, so get excited!”

Alex, Production Coordinator: “I’m going to the most chill bachelorette weekend ever at the hot springs in Calistoga. I can’t wait!”

Kelly, Junior Buyer: “Reinventing myself as a brunette…and drinking poolside at The Standard.”

Jenny, Graphic Designer: “I’m going on a surprise birthday party road trip to a geodesic dome home in Joshua Tree. It has a indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and private mountain range. YEAH.”

Madison, Junior Copywriter: “I’m going to check out Haley Ann Robinson‘s art show tonight in Echo Park! She’s got everything from spaced-out canvases to neon and tribal painted antlers…SOLD!”

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