Working For The Weekend

Our favorite day of the week is finally here, and we’re ready to kick off the weekend with an artsy bash at MOCA, farmer’s market funtimes, and epic rooftop shopping in Venice. Happy Friday!

Jaclyn, Fashion Writer: “I’m going to an Olympics theme party where everyone picks a country and brings drinks to represent it. I’m torn between margaritas (Mexico) and sake bombs (Japan). Decisions, decisions…”

Kaitlyn, Senior PR Manager: “Salem, Io Echo and Health are playing tonight at MOCA. There’s also going to be artwork by Drew Barrymore projected inside a canopy, so needless to say, I’m stoked.”

Alex, Production Coordinator: “Every Saturday morning, I hit the Silverlake Farmer’s Market to pick up a coconut and crystals.”

Nick, Assistant Stylist: “The Big Lebowski is playing at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday, so I’ll be there with a picnic basket full of White Russians.”

Tessa, Executive Assistant: “I’m going to San Diego to get more tattoos from my friend! FACE TATTOOS!!  Just kidding, I’m getting an evil eye on my wrist to ward off bad shit.”

Everybody & their mama: “We’re having a huge Friends + Friends sale on a beachfront rooftop in Venice with crazy deals, free booze, DJs and a hot tub. So yeah, it’s a no-brainer.”