Tops that Talk

For the silent type, a graphic T-shirt can handle all your business for you. Here’s our staff picks of tops that do all the talkin’.

Jaclyn, Fashion Writer: Blondie Muscle Tee  “Because Debbie Harry is one of the coolest women ever. Period.”

Alex, Production Coordinator: Eyeball Muscle Tee “It’s good to keep an eye out.”

Ashley, Senior Fashion Stylist: Acid Muscle Tee  “This reminds me of high school.”

Liz, Vintage Buyer: Skeleton Dance Muscle Tee “Even the afterlife loves a good party.”

Rosa, Fashion Content Editor: Hot Kiss Muscle Tee  “This is a no-brainer. ‘Lips Like Sugar’ from Echo and the Bunnymen?”

Liz, Sr. Copy Writer: Varsity Jock Top “Secret fact: I used to be a cheerleader.”

Sarah Lee, Graphic Designer: Juicy Fruit Muscle Tee  “Gimme delicious fruits anytime…even on a tee.”

Kelly, Junior Buyer: Cougar Muscle Tee  “Cat tees are having a moment, and this is the perfect addition for your Fall wardrobe.”