Giving Thanks… and Other Plans!

Gushing with gratitude may be first on our lists this time of year, but it’s not the only thing we’ve got planned. As we gathered ’round pumpkin pie and pumpkin lattes (seriously!) we got to talking about what else we’ve got going on over this long weekend…

Soozie, Asst. Designer: 
“This Thanksgiving I’ll be shamelessly stuffing my face and eating as much as I can before starting a juice cleanse and pole dancing classes that following week with some Nasty Gals! My cousin also just got engaged so we’ll all probably be drooling over her ring and simultaneously eating our emotions.”

Alex, Production Coordinator: “Going up to my boyfriend’s small farm town in Washington to meet his family for the first time! Will consist of playing in the snow and riding ATVs!  — damn i made that sound so romantic!”

Liz, Sr. Copywriter: “After dinner with my sweetheart’s family, I’m heading out to a small town right outside Palm Springs, where the locals are total characters and the mountains are hiding ancient shamanic caves.”
Dee, Asst. Apparel Designer: “This Thanksgiving I’m celebrating my quarter of a century on this planet! It’s turkey with a side of B-day cake for me.”
Sarah, Art Director: “Blowing up an air mattress and watching Home Alone with my buddies.”

Isabella, Social Media Associate: “Baking pumpkin pie with my mom and then a French feast at Taix. I’m wearing a long sheer dress and gold eyeliner.”

Nicki, Front Desk Coordinator: “My Thanksgiving plans are to stick to my see food diet–if I see food, I’m going to eat it. Not too many details because it’s seriously just about eating food that other people have lovingly and painstakingly made, and about going to Black Friday sales at the stroke of midnight. You can see where my priorities lie… Sorry Mom!”