Party All The Time

It’s holiday time, which means the parties officially start going into full swing right… now! We asked some of our favorite DJs and musicians (aka professional party people) for their tips on making each night the time of your life.

A Club Called Rhonda:

“Nobody goes out to hide. Be sure to shine. The higher the heel, the closer to Goddess. If you have to argue with the door girl, you wore the wrong outfit.”

Mykki Blanco:

“How heavy the bass is makes the party.”


Jimi Hey:

“Make sure the DJ plays records instead of any digital format. Records sound better. That round soundwave is a more holistic shape that is more in sync with nature than the square wave of digitalia. Our cells are circles, not squares.”

Hunx from Hunx and His Punx:

“If you’re looking to get your freak on at a party but are having a difficult time making this a reality, consider wearing your worst pair of underwear under your outfit. Whenever I do this, I always seem to hit the jackpot.”