Too Cool for Pool


 You have all these amazing swimsuits and bikinis… yet it’s nowhere near time to head to the beach for a splash. We talked with our stylist extraordinaire Ashley Glorioso for some tips to get the most mileage out of your swimwear.

What are the best transitional pieces for in and out of water?

I love all the suits by Minimale Animale, and they’re super versatile so you’re getting the most for your money. Hop outta the pool with the Jane Fonda bikini, throw onthese high-waisted bad boys, and you got a cute little mesh crop top to walk around in… not to mention an awesome fishnet tan!

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How’s it possible to wear a suit or bikini on dry land without looking like you’re heading to the pool?

I think bathing suits are really good layering pieces under sheer things. For instance, take the slip out of this little baby and throw this guy underneath. If you want a tonal sort of Boho look, step into some slouchy brown boots and a couple long necklaces and you’re out!

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 If you wanna go a little grunge (which is always good with me) take the same Viva Maria Dress, throw this suit on underneath (and don’t forget the bottom), put on your favorite dirty old grunge boots (I really love these Harness Boots) and a big ol’ stack of bracelets, plus rings on every finger. Add a pair of Vanish Shades and you’re ready to prowl the town!

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Can a cover-up ever double as a dress or kimono-type deal or is that a no-go?

For sure! I hate rules when it comes to fashion. If you want to wear underwear as pants, go for it. If it were sweat-mustache hot out, and I was hanging by the beach having a libation in the sun, I would totally wear the Kate Moss Bikini sans top with the Slashed Tee, sleeves rolled up, and some eff-you grunge boots. if you don’t want to show your cheeks to the world, throw a sweatshirt around your waist, and voila! covered in all the right places.

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How can you have a “look” on the beach without looking like you totally planned it out and are waaay overdone?

I think confidence answers this question. If you wanna wear jewelry to the beach, pile it on and wear it out! Ignore the stink eye and be like, “Yeah, I have necklaces on at the beach, what?!” I mean, Rihanna does it and looks flyyyyy so why can’t you?