Cut It Out


If there are two things in this  life that we love, it is clear vinyl and a good sweatshirt (and beaches and pizza and boys, but you get the point…).  So we got some of our craftiest Nasty Gals to show us how a little plastic and some basic cut-and-sew skills can bring new life to a favorite sweatshirt.


What you’ll need:

Sweatshirt, clear vinyl or plastic, stencils (if you decide to write words), scissors, a ruler, pins, a marking pen (a Sharpie works fine), a needle and thread or a sewing machine.


Step 1: If you want to make words for your design, print them on a sheet of paper and cut out the letters. This will leave you with a stencil shape.


Step 2: Have your BFF try on the sweatshirt so that you can trace the letters directly onto the fabric and see where they land.


Step 3: Then, cut out the letters on the sweatshirt! Keep 1/2″ around all your shapes to allow for the seams when you’re sewing.


Step 4: Cut out one large plastic square. This will end up fitting behind the letters or shape that you cut out.


Step 5: Pin the plastic behind the letters and sew!

You can also use this technique to create a floating sleeve or clear cutouts anywhere you’d like!


Step 1: Mark the area where you want to create the floating sleeve. Again, make sure to keep a 1/2″ edge for seam allowance when you’re sewing!


Step 2: Cut the sweatshirt where you want to place the cutout. Cut a plastic strip and stitch the ends together!


 Step 3: Pin plastic behind the cutout and sew!

Now take your sweatshirt out for a drink! You both deserve it.

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