Homecoming Babes


Let us clue you in on something: It’s a total myth that you need a date for the dance. Sure, if you’re just there to make out under the disco ball, then by all means—go for it. But if you want to dance, scream, laugh, raise hell, and have the best night of your life, leave the dudes at home. This homecoming, the girls just wanna have fun.

(All Photos by Felisha Tolentino)

4-1 3-2

Getting ready is more than half the fun. In the outside world, there’s always the chance that the DJ might not be taking requests. But this is your bedroom and you do what you want: Cue “Teenage Dream” six times back-to-back.

2 3-1
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In the future, when you’e walking the red carpet and the paparazzi is screaming for your attention, you’ll always briefly flash back to this photoshoot—your mom, the front yard, your best friends. That was the night when you really started to feel that something big was going to happen…

6-1 6-2


It wasn’t like you tried to make a scene. It was more like you just couldn’t help it…

8-1 8-2


10-1 11-2

Rules were made to be broken, and curfews were made to be ignored.

10-2 11
14 14-1

The queen is just the one who gets the most votes. The real winner is the one who has the most fun.

15-2 15
16-1 16-2
17-2 17




As best friends, you share everything: secrets, clothes, lipstick, fries…but never boys.



Every night can and should be the best night of your life.


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