My Moment With The Man Repeller


For any of you that know me, (probably a grand total of two people—my best friend and my boss), you are aware that I love Leandra Medine. So much so, that I got a little fangirl-y last night at Leandra’s book signing event at Barney’s in Los Angeles. For the last nine months, I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Seeking Love, Finding Overalls, Leandra’s debut book, which she describes as “…a love story sprinkled over different kinds of denim.” You can only imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that she would be holding a book signing at The Grove.  Sophia (#GIRLBOSS) attended the event as well, since she and Leandra are pals, and as a Professional Dream-Fulfiller (which will be added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2014 if any of you were wondering…jk) Sophia introduced me to Leandra, and then it got even better: I got to conduct a mini interview with her. Of course, I was way too indecisive in choosing what the heck to ask her in the one-and-a-half minute time slot I had, so I’m warning you the questions are a little, well, random. Regardless, I was so excited to chat with my idol about the Circus of Fashion, boogers, and Birkenstocks.

What about you? Who would bring the inner fangirl out in you? -Marissa


If your best friend was interviewing you, what is the first question they would ask?

When did you stop eating your boogers?

Has that happened yet?

Yeah, like a couple years ago.

A season after Suzy Menkes’ article about the Circus of Fashion week debuted- what do you now think about the current situation? Do you think the fashion industry has responded and changed their ways?

I think in New York, absolutely, which was evidenced by the fact that the New York Fashion Week street style was so much more controlled than it was in previous seasons. The thing is, then again I look at London Fashion Week and I’m like, ‘Oh god, the style is so much less contrived and more interesting there and yet it’s still a little more rambunctious and sort of flamboyant. I guess it’s just a matter of the different cities’ DNA.’

In the pretty saturated current blogosphere, what do you think it takes for a girl to become a respected blogger within the industry? When you look at a new blog, what does it have to have to earn your attention?

Original content.

Of the 90s kid trends, what were your staples? Have any of those translated to your current style?

I’m wearing a lot of Birkenstocks, I guess that’s it, though.


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I think Leandra must have meant #GIRLBOSS, as she was referring to some really exciting news. Above mentioned Professional Dream-Fulfiller, Sophia Amoruso, is writing a book. It will be called #GIRLBOSS and it will come out in May 2014. Start your countdowns y’all!