Aussie Funtimes With Annabel Wendt

Annabel Wendt is living the sweet life. Originally from South Australia, she packed up and moved to Sydney to pursue her dreams of working in the fashion world. After working as live-in nanny to support herself while she interned at fashion houses, she landed a job as a jewelry designer for MinkPink and Evil Twin. Oh, and she has a super awesome blog that we’ve been obsessed with for years, LoveMore.

When she’s not busy dreaming up sweet new baubles, she’s usually on an adventure with her boyfriend and best pals – whether snorkeling, waking up early to hit the beach, hunting down vinyl and vintage treasures, or climbing tennis courts to sneak in a quick match. Basically, she’s a girl after our own hearts. The best part? She documents her escapades on her Tumblr and was kind enough to share some of her favorite shots and give us a glimpse into her sweet life down under.

“I went on a weekend trip with a group of my best buds in Sydney. We loaded up into a big old van and headed for Jervis Bay, which is a gorgeous beach town a couple of hours outside of Sydney. We spent the weekend eating, swimming, jumping on the trampoline and relaxing and enjoying the disconnection from the hecticness of Sydney.”

“This was taken when I took my boyfriend Will back to my hometown, Adelaide. After we hung out with family in the city, another friend of ours flew up and we spent a few nights at a beach house in Middleton. I was the official tour guide for the trip, taking them around to all the secret spots – like this hidden away skate ramp. Both being skater dudes, they were a little more than devastated they didn’t have their boards. Next time!”

“I took this one night out in my most favourite pub in Sydney, The Cricketers Arms. It’s in Surry Hills, and there is no place I love more to hang out for a beer with all my friends. Behind the hair is my friend Gibson a.k.a. Gibbo with my boyfriend Will. Boys will always be young at heart.”

“I snapped this one at my friend Jack’s beach house in Jervis Bay, NSW. In honor of using their old VCR, we decided there’s nothing better to watch than a childhood favourite like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a favourite of mine to watch with my siblings, so it was a no brainer.”

 “This was taken on a photo shoot I was a part of. My shoot was set in an old motel back in the Elvis days, and I was crowned his very own Priscilla for the day. The hotel was totally filled with the most amazing decor, old signage, printed carpets, pink walls and all sorts – to a nostalgia junkie like myself, it was pure heaven.

 “I took this photo of my friend Rachel Rutt. We always seem to find ourselves in massive groups near water in our spare time – and she never takes a bad shot. Such a beautiful girl on the inside, so it must all flow right out to the surface.”