Life In The Fast Lane With Lilli Millhiser

Meet Lilli, a New York girl living the dream working alongside celeb stylist, Kate Young. Wow. When she’s not busy finding red carpet gowns for the likes of Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, she’s out enjoying the Big Apple to the fullest. Just when you thought she couldn’t get cooler, her brother Nick is half of electropop duo, HOLY GHOST! Here’s a glimpse into the fashionable and fast life of Lilli.

“My boyfriend Chris is behind Remember Paper. My butt got its fifteen minutes of fame in vintage Levi’s on the cover of the second issue.”

“I’m such a sucker for photo booths, especially when I’m out with Chris.”

“I took this picture when we were getting a client ready at an amazing apartment overlooking Central Park. One of the many reasons I love living in New York…crazy views like this.”

“Later that night, Chris and I went to go see Active Child at the Bowery Ballroom. So much fun, especially in such an iconic venue.”

“Spent the next morning running around to showroom appointments for a fitting on Monday. Had to snap this photo of a rack of amazing tropical prints by Givenchy…love.”

“Just one of the perks of my job.”

“After work, I went to my friends Max and Brittany’s house for a fried party…chicken wings, onion rings, brussel sprouts, pickles, Doritos, french fries…all delicious.”

“My friends Brouck and Munson ready to get down on some greasy goodness in the backyard.”

“I ended the night with cocktails at The Flat, a newish Sixties-inspired bar close to my apartment in Brooklyn.”