Adventures In Portland With Olivia Bee

Welcome to the wonderful world of Olivia Bee. The darling 18-year-old Portland photographer is living the teenage dream with snapshots to prove it, whether she’s on a road trip down the coast or dancing all night at house parties that you thought only existed in ’90s teen movies. Inspired by gritty candids from the likes of Terry Richardson and Robert Mapplethorpe, Olivia’s hazy, dreamlike images have been featured in campaigns for Converse and Nike along with editorials in RookieVice and The New York Times Magazine. Take a glimpse through the lens of the girl everyone’s buzzing about.

“I just turned 18, so we had a party at my boyfriend’s farm. This is Tuesday and Anna gettin’ down during our traditional “Hey Ya” dance party cultivated by our Californian friend, Elyse.”

“This is the gorgeous city of Portland that I’m oh-so-tired of…but it’s still pretty as f.”

“I love that nature is totally at my fingertips. Mountains, beaches, deserts, rivers, and forests are all pretty much less than two hours away. These three pictures are from when my boyfriend and I went on a road trip down the coast.”

“Meet my boyfriend, Cooper. He is the sweetest person in the world and the best painter, too, among thousands of other great things. And he’s the only person who looks hot with a mustache.”

This is the two of us together on Sauvie’s Island, which is a really pretty, tiny island near Portland with lots of pumpkin patches. That night, we stumbled across about 15 turkeys in a tree.”

“This is my really shitty car. I love it. I let people draw all over the interior of it. I’ve recently gone on a couple road trips, so it has been really slaughtered by all of the friends who decided to pop in.”

“This is my friend, Tuesday. She is the coolest person on the planet, and the only person I can talk to about wanting to make love to Eminem and the movie Freaky Friday.”

“When our brains are smashed together, it looks a little like this.”

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