Zippora Seven’s Sydney Guide


Zippora Seven is one of a rare breed of models that transcends on-page adoration and prompts “fuckyeah” tumblrs devoted to their personal style and uniquely awesome ways. We’re not immune from Zippy love either—so, we asked the Auckland-born, Sydney-dwelling babe where we’re likely to run into her if we, say, happen to be in Sydney.




(Pictures by Felicity Byrne)

What’s that place where every time you go, it’s seriously the best time? What’re you doing when you’re there?

The northern beaches of Sydney. Just having good times with my close friends, boating, jumping rocks, camping, swimming, playing music and enjoying nature.

Where do you post up for people watching? We always like to know where to spot the freaks ‘n’ geeks.

Posting up at a terrace in Redfern you will probably see some funny guys.

Let’s talk food. Where to go for culinary amazeballs?

The Organic Store in Bondi is a grocer and cafe with yummy as organic fresh food, and the Boat House in Palm Beach has the best, happiest staff and yummiest food! The best cheese plate I’ve ever had in my life!

When it’s “me time,” where do you go to take care of yourself? Some kind of spa or place to just girlie the hell out…

I wouldn’t be able to tell you the name of any spa, but a day at the beach or a bush walk is relaxing.

What about when you’re cruising, maybe looking for a date or a little action?

The Flinders Bar is mean. Bands play there. Good God is a mean joint to go party at.

We all need some nature time. Where’s your favorite spot to get in touch with the land?

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Sailing down the inlets and camping is so insanely beautiful!

Where’s the best place for some good and needed alone time?

Going rowing in a dingy somewhere beautiful.

Best day trip? Or if you haven’t been, where you’d want to go?

Blue mountains, you can go on bush walks to beautiful waterfalls hang out for the day with friends and a little picnic, maybe bring along a bottle of wine.

When you’re really doing it up and purposely getting fabulous, where’s the no-fail place to be the best dressed?

The Changing Rooms at Grandma Takes A Trip, Shag or Kate Sylvester.

To get out of your element, maybe take a secret date, where’s the best place where no one will know who you are?

African Feelings in Newtown, get the goat curry no one will know.