Nef & Nat’s Guide to Athens


Style and travel bloggers Nef and Nat are no strangers to long flights and layovers. Inspired by their parents, traveling has always been an integral part of their lives. To them, travel is “the highest form of education and the greatest gift that one has to offer oneself.” But no matter where they jet off to, the twins will always call Athens home. Their favorite spots in Athens run tandem to their somewhat eclectic styles—sometimes opting for chic and sophisticated, while at other times looking for more of a IDC-I’m-in-Free-Runs kind of look. Of their hometown, they say that “If you haven’t been here yet, you must hurry. It is an amazing place, with so many secret spots and a magical energy.”


Visit the Acropolis (of course!) around Plaka and Monastiraki, and eat the traditional Souvlaki at Thanasis located in Thisio.


      Have coffee and walk around Kolonaki.

       Have another coffee and lunch/brunch in Tailor Made and/or Mama Roux downtown along with the most fashionable crowd in town, and also head to the Fresh Hotel and enjoy another cocktail while watching the sunset.

      Visit the Six Dogs garden and enjoy a beer or two

      Drive along the coast and have a taste of the most delicious cocktails in town at the Holy Spirit Bar in Glyfada (hot looking guys available here, ladies!)

       For sushi lovers, visit Hama in Glyfada; Rakkan in Kifisia; or opt for Nobu in Astir Palace Resort in Vouliagmeni.


      For clubbing lovers, Island Club Restaurant in Varkiza is a must, as it has amazing views of the sea. Also, in the northern suburbs, Cash is a good choice. It has a beautiful garden.


     For shopping, visit the Attica department store in the centre of Athens; Sotris and Ayce in Kolonaki; St9 and Zilly in Glyfada; and pay a visit to the McArthur-Glen Designer Outlet outside Athens.