Meet The Cult: Luanna Perez-Garreaud


When we unveiled our newest crop of Shoe Cult disciples yesterday, we were just dying to know more about these badass NYC babes. So, all week long we’re digging a little deeper to see what makes these ladies really tick. First up? Le Happy fashion blogger Luanna Perez-Garreaud. One peep at her site, and you’ll see she has a serious penchant for mostly black, ’90s-inspired ensembles paired with sky-high creepers and crimson-tipped strands. The coolest part about Lua, though, is that she relocated to Brooklyn only a couple years ago—from Peru! She was awesome enough to share all her favorite spots in Lima—the capital where she grew up—and now we’re officially in need of a vacation.

(Shoe Cult photos by Cara Stricker)


Introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

I’m a 23-year-old fashion student at FIT in NYC and blogger of—a platform where I document my personal style and inspirations.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I live in Brooklyn, NY, but I grew up in Lima, Peru. I lived there all my life until I turned 20 and moved to NY.


What did you love about growing up in Lima?

I loved that I grew up in a city that offers so much cultural richness. You can find so many inspiring things, such as gorgeous artisan pieces and beautiful architecture with a huge cultural past and great bohemian corners to get lost. Since it’s a third world country, people are constantly looking for creative ways to do what they want. I also grew up trying the best food—we are recognized for our culinary techniques.

Why did you decide to leave Peru for NYC?

I loved my city, but felt I had to move to a bigger city that offered more opportunities to grow as a professional. I have been obsessed with New York all my life so it was meant to happen!


What are the three best neighborhoods in Peru for wandering and getting lost?

Barranco: A bohemian district with impressive waterfronts and antique architecture, great bars and coffee.
Downtown Lima: It’s the fusion of the modern and old! The best small shops and artisan pieces can be found there. It’s my favorite shopping destination, actually.
Downtown Miraflores: There’s a lot of tourist attractions—stores, bookstores, food markets, restaurants, pubs, and surf beaches. Also, it’s walking distance to Larcomar, an oceanside mall and entertainment center.

A good place to sit and people watch:

Miraflores waterfront (Malecon de Miraflores). Theres a huge park next to the coast, and you can even do paragliding!


Name one big museum that is a don’t miss:

The Museo Nacional de Arqueologia y Antropologia in Pueblo Libre, which showcases more than 4,000 years of history of what our different civilizations left behind.

Name one great gallery for up-and-coming artists:

Galeria Lucia de la Puente.


Where to go for a great meal:

You can go to the Bolivariano, a restaurant with our most typical and traditional dishes made to perfection. Papachos—the best burger in town—or Astrid y Gaston, one of the most renown Peruvian restaurants.

Where to go for a drink:

For the best Pisco sour, you can go to Huaringas. It’s an eclectic and trendy four story bar. If you are into a packed place with a billion cheap beers, try any bar in Barranco or Centro de Lima.


Where to go when you want to dance and stay out all night:

Barranco has several crowded clubs where there’s a lot of different tributes and people go to dance. There’s also a couple of clubs in Larcomar, such as Gotica and Aura.

Three great places to go shopping:

Jockey Plaza is the biggest mall with the best international stores, but I usually go to downtown Lima or Gamarra for artisan pieces and traditional cultural accessories.

A secret place that only the special people should go:

A canopy cruise in the Amazon if you have the chance to go to the jungle.