Hirari Ikeda


When we say Hirari Ikeda is a Tokyo street fashion icon, we ain’t kidding. There are entire blogs dedicated to her ever-evolving style, and her badass look even caught the eye of Diesel Art Director Nicola Formichetti who placed her in the brand’s spring/summer 2014 campaign. When she’s not mean-muggin’ on the streets of Harajuku, she works in one of the most influential shops in Tokyo, Dog. Take a peek inside the store and find out more about Hirari’s daily style inspiration in our interview below!

(Photos by Yuji Murakami)


Full name/location:

Hirari Ikeda/Harajuku

Three Emojis to describe yourself:


How is Dog different from other stores in Tokyo? What designers/products do you carry that are unique to the Dog store?

There is no shop like Dog. We don’t chase after the trends of Tokyo. We propose what we think is cool—the items that make you think, “Could I actually wear this?” at the first sight. It’s more like entertainment than an apparel store. It represents Tokyo to me. Speaking of actual brands, we carry accessory brand MYOB, mold-making accessory brand Fangophilia, DAMAGE of AMPM Studio from Taipei.

If we’ve never been to Dog before, what should we expect the first time we visit?

It may take courage to go downstairs where the crazy mannequin stands, but it’s worth it to see clothes you have never worn before. The sound, the space, the display, the clothes—you can’t fully understand it from the photos. You have to see it in real life. 


What do you love about Tokyo fashion? How is Tokyo fashion different from the rest of the world?

There are so many kinds of fashion here, and I believe it all comes from the street. I like that people wear all different types of clothes, and the fact that people from countryside might get their photo taken on the street and instantly become a famous fashion icon.

How would you describe your style?

The rude brat of Tokyo who hates to lose.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

The people who walk the streets of Harajuku.

Who are some Tokyo “It” girls that are dominating the fashion world right now?

Kiko Mizuhara.


Tell us about your relationship with Nicola Formichetti! How did you two get to know each other?

Nicola found me in a street snapshot! I can’t believe I was in a photo on street corners all over the world!

Tell us about a project you worked on recently that you’re really proud of.

I am so glad that I was in the Diesel S/S 2014 campaign. It was such a treasure to be shot by Nick Knight.

Tell us about three must-see places we should check out while visiting Tokyo.

Dog in Harajuku, of course, the Kitakore Building in Koenji, and Shinjuku Ni-Chome.

Finally, what’s trending in Tokyo street style right now?

There are so many cute girls who dye their hair and eyelashes pink, blue, and green, and it is getting more ordinary to have a crazy hair color. I am looking forward to seeing the trends that people on the street create and excited for what’s next.