Geri of Because I’m Addicted


We’ve been fans of Because I’m Addicted for a while now, but wanted to dig a bit deeper to learn more about the LA girl with the style we love. Below are a few titillating questions Geri was kind enough to divulge the answers to:

Name: Geri Hirsch
Age: 25
Occupation: Online marketing for a socially conscious media company
Zodiac sign: Leo
Pet name(s) if any?: Lexington’s Luck. She’ll respond to Lex, Lexi or “who wants a cookie?”

-Are you an LA girl for life? Why or why not?Definitely an LA girl. I’ve lived on the east coast and abroad and as much as I loved it I was happy to step off the plane at LAX and take in the dirty LA air. LA just has it, all walks of life meet here, it’s an easy lifestyle with city perks and people aren’t afraid to be themselves. LA will always be the root of me but I’d love to spend time living in other places.

-Have you spent time in San Francisco? Any favorite spots? I love SF! I try to come up for Bay to Breakers. There’s something about thousands of people running in costume that I can’t get enough of!

-What’s your one staple piece of clothing or accessories right now? I’m pretty attached to a pair of Yves Saint Laurent vintage sunglasses at the moment.

-When you shop for vintage, what do you grativate towards? Sequins, high waisted trousers and jewels. I’ve also had a lot of luck with basics at some of the LA Goodwills, celebs definitely donate there, trust.

-What are you addicted to right now? I’m always embarrassed to start a sentence with “I was watching Oprah…” but I was watching Oprah, it was the People magazine / real heroes special and I was so moved by the stories. That episode and the work I do daily inspired me to attempt to start a nonprofit so I’m pretty addicted to refining the idea and coming up with names. I often do this while eating Trader Joe’s chocolate covered bananas in neon sweat shorts, both high on my list right now.

-If I gave you $1000, what would you buy right now? A plane ticket to somewhere exotic, somewhere I’ve never been.
-$550?: A closet full of board games starting with Cranium. And you’ve got to have Twister, total classic.
-$50?: Kai. Perfect summer scent and the little roll on fits in your makeup bag like a lipstick tube.
-$5?: Yogurtland, for sure.

-What trend are you so over? I’m over the word Twitter, not actually twittering but the word is so killllllled/murdered/done, and I’m exhausted by Alexander Wang and Balmain blog posts. And along with that, I’m just straight up tired of everyone dressing and designing exactly the same.

-What trend are you hoping will catch on? I’d love to see glamour restored in a real way. I’m totally into the rock glam vibe but you know how teachers get stuck in eras, like your 7th grade history teacher who always wore those long bad dresses and oversized blazers circa Miss Bliss? Well what if our generation gets stuck in today and shows up in 2025 in ripped shorts and oversized tees with braziers hanging out? Just sayin.

-Favorite fashion decade? If i could take the glamour of the 20’s, the creative freedom of the 60’s and the extreme choices of the 80’s I would have the perfect decade.

-Favorite fashion movie? Is Pretty Woman considered a fashion movie?

-Favorite fw09 show?: Fall is my favorite season so this answer isn’t coming easy but I was really drawn to the mix of Proenza Schouler’s collection.It was young yet feminine, fun yet sophisticated. It is the equivalent of dipping french fries into chocolate ice cream.