Ioanna Gika of IO Echo

IO Echo is a genre-defying LA band that combine electronic pop and dark new wave with Japanese koto harps and Chinese violins. They’re all about romance and doom, euphoria and melancholia, and pastel kimonos with biker boots.

With a killer sense of fashion and a fearless attitude, singer Ioanna Gika has Nasty Gal written all over her. We had the chance to steal Ioanna from the studio to tell us about her upcoming album, the score IO Echo wrote for the James Franco/Harmony Korine film project, “Rebel,” and her original song for the upcoming film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

(Photo by Yasmin Than)

(Photo by Leopold Ross)

(Photo by Shelby Duncan)

(Photo by Nathaniel Wood)

“I’ve always been interested in studying contrasts. In some of the most despondent moments, there might be a blossom of hope. Where there is joy, there might also be piercing heartbreak. This notion of co-existing opposites influences my sense of style, both musically and visually. When we wrote the score for James Franco & Harmony Korine’s new MOCA project, the subject matter was quite violent visually, so we wanted to give it something ethereal and haunting musically to offer a juxtaposition and highlight the gracefulness of the cinematography.”

“Our debut album is influenced by the Far East. We combined layers of Japanese koto harps and Chinese violins with modern instruments and large drum sounds. On stage, I usually wear a kimono that was custom made for me and my bandmate Leopold wears his black leather Slayer jacket. We’re actually headed to England this week to play the Snow White and The Huntsman world premiere. I’m really looking forward to playing shows in London and Brighton while we’re there – here are the things I’d love to wear on and off stage from Nasty Gal!”