Ashley Glorioso + Zoey Grossman

The first time Ashley and Zoey met on the set of a photo shoot, they instantly knew they were destined to be BFFs. Since Ashley also happens to be a super-star stylist and Zoey one of LA’s coolest photographers, they started collaborating on projects for their designer friends as much as possible. The result has been pure magic – whether they’re grooving on hippie vibes, having a glitter-fueled ’70s disco party, or whatever else the job calls for, they always take it to the next level.

Since we love nothing more than awesome girls joining forces, we chatted with Ashley about working and playing with her partner-in-crime.

“Zoey is sooooo special because she inspires me on a daily basis. She’s super young, really driven and hard working. She always captures the perfect moments, and makes girls look beautiful. At the end of a shoot, things look exactly how I envisioned. She also takes all my blog photos cause she’s my homie, and always makes me look cool (or at least I think I look cool?)”

“When we’re not working (which is rare), we’re grandma homebodies that like to make up songs and dance in the car. We are both total weirdos and make really random 14-year-old boy jokes. She’s my soul sister and I love her to death. She’s one of those friends that you will have always and forever!”

Here’s a taste what happens when their powers combine, and watch out – there’s more to come from this unstoppable duo.