Shining Star Abigail Bean

Gushing genuine sweetness, confidence and passion, filmmaker Abigail Bean is the girl you want to hop in the car with and leap into any adventure. She’s driven by fantasy, inspiring cinematic daydreams… We get the feeling we’d end up on the edge of town with her, looking down on all the lights, chewing gum and making bold wishes under the stars. Underlining her smart, feminine style that’s a little Sandra Dee, a little David Bowie, are some real secrets—even though she’ll never tell what they are.

She’s worked on some legendary films, including Into the WildThe Black Dahlia, and The Runaways. And her own work—including a video for Fatal Jamz—has premiered on VICE and IFC. We instantly picked up on her talent and got her on board to document our glittery, goblin-y Nasty Ghoul party.

Ever ambitious, she’s constantly writing her own scripts and making experimental short films, usually starring her friends, pets, and crushes. Right now she’s finishing a 16mm documentary called Far Out Angels, which focuses on the art and music of three Los Angeles-based female musicians. “I make films about danger, love, power, beauty and everything else in between,” Abigail says. “I’m interested in those experiences and feelings that can change you in an instant, like a lightning bolt.”

A super visual person, she says, “Over the summer I was really inspired by the glamazons of the late 80s, and the girls from the Roxy Music album covers. But now that fall is here and winter is around the corner, I’m feeling like I want to be more demure and lady-like in a Nastassja Kinski, Catherine Deneuve kind of way.”

She says she’s “really attracted to a wild, sensual glamour and a Paris, Texas kind of look,” and that’s why her Nasty Gal picks spoke to her. “I really like the idea of wearing lingerie during the day in an elegant way–maybe that’s the Madonna in me?” And though inspired by conjured reality, she’s got a little bit of practicality in her, too: “The velvet oxfords are great for wearing on set, tramping gracefully, while still looking fashionable.” Good thing she’s got her priorities in place!

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