Christine Lai of UNIF


She’s the rainbow-clad grunge fairy behind the ever inspiring sub-culture fashion blog Christeric, and the brilliant mastermind designer behind the iconoclast fashion label UNIF. Maybe you’ve been reading her blog since the days she first handmade these Charles Anastase-inspired early Hellbound prototypes and you’re already as obsessed with her as we are. Today, Christine takes us on an all-access tour of the UNIF headquarters, giving us a glimpse into the method behind their madness. Hint: There’s a lot of handsome furry critters involved…

“We’re big into dogs. We’re big into fun, and dogs are all that. We love a good attitude around the office and they really help us de-stress a bit. Dogs are good at not giving a shit…and giving one for that matter.”


“The room of No Hope.  This is the UNIF hub where all the dirty work goes down.”


“Us. Christeric. Christine and Eric…and Nightmare. This is a family business and it starts here.”


“This ACID sweater is amazing. Once we saw the first sample, we tried it on and, by chance, it was just sitting there inside out.  The letters looked so cool in the reverse knit, we had it flipped for production. It’s hanging out with a few more items from our Spring collection: Dark Prism Blouse, Penny Denim Jumper and the Candy Sheer Tunic.”



“Hellbound, Das Boot, Pyramid Cap. All black. We’re huge fans of Black. Everyone likes Black, it’s classic.”