La Dolce Vita with Natalia Bonifacci


Italian beauty Natalia Bonifacci invited us over to her sun-drenched L.A. pad to play dress up (and down) in our Spring ’13 Collection. Between shots, we chatted with our multi-hyphenate muse about her new home base, how she got into modeling, what inspires her impeccable style and the countless other amazing projects she has up her sleeve.


“I love living in Los Angeles, even though I’m on the road a lot. When I saw this place, I just sort of knew right away. It’s very luminous and white, and I love all of the little details. It has that Old Hollywood feeling yet is still modern. It is still a work in progress, but my friends tell me that it’s really welcoming and I like that. I feel at home here.”

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“Growing up, I never thought of modeling. I wanted to be an actress or an architect, I read a ton of books, and I drew a lot, I had a little funny clothing line when I was in middle school. I was definitely surprised and flattered when I got scouted, and I sort of kept it for myself and didn’t tell any of my friends that I was modeling at first. Now, I love my job. It’s hard work, but it’s fun and I enjoy the creative process of it. I love meeting new people and the opportunities that come with it. It made me extremely independent.”


“Personal experiences tend to inspire me. I travel a lot and have to say goodbye often, so I like making postcards for friends. I draw them myself, something personal from the city – and they tend to have a made up quote connected to it. I usually draw on long flights, in hotel rooms and at cafés in cities where I don’t know anyone.”

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“My mom used to tell me “Bisogna prendere la palla al balzo”. It’s a way of saying you gotta catch the ball when it “rebounds”, to catch the opportunity when it presents itself. I think it represents my way of being. I might get jittery or nervous about things, but I go for opportunities when they present themselves.”


“I am actually excited about a few trends this season because they really represent my personal style. It’s nice when trends adjust to you, rather than the other way around.”

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“To me, fashion is a creative playground, an extension of myself. Through the pieces I choose to wear, I am making a statement of my personality. It’s a way to choose my own skin.”


“Besides modeling, there are a few new things that I am excited about. I’ve been part of some fashion short films that will be coming out soon. They allowed me to play with acting a little bit, and I really got into that, so I am starting to take acting classes. I also launched an interview series for RedMilk called A Beautiful Tandem. It’s a window into creative duos that give life to artistic original projects in the world of fashion, music, art and so on. I do it in collaboration with photographer and director Nick Walker. I love interviewing and enjoy being behind the camera. I think having been in front of it for so long has given me insight into how to make people feel at ease in a situation that can be uncomfortable for some. I have to say it is a very powerful feeling to have a completely random idea and bring it to life.”

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