Cassandra Kellogg of Minimale Animale

cassandra kellogg of minimale animale

She rides Harleys, is a self-professed tattoo freak and doesn’t make a swimsuit you can’t surf in. We’re talking about the badass Venice Beach babe behind Minimale Animale, Cassandra Kellogg, whose vintage-inspired designs have been heating up waters from coast to coast (not to mention our latest lookbook). Inspired by iconic 80s and 90s swimwear, her curve-hugging suits are both athletic and sexy, minimal and extreme. Here, she sheds some light on the genesis of the brand, her design process, and who she’d love to suit up.

First things first, what inspired the name?

Body, heart and soul.

How did Minimale Animale get started?

I was a stylist and started making suits for myself and shoots all the time. The response was amazing and the brand started to unfold. I made a line and Sports Illustrated found me and put it in their 2011 Swimsuit Issue. The rest is history.

Walk us through your design process…

I collect things that inspire me daily. When I sit down to create the collection, I find out what works and what doesn’t – and usually hide away and start sketching.

Do you ever plan to branch out from swimwear?

We are for Resort ’13, creating a lot of clothing to be worn with the collection!

Who is the Minimale Animale babe?

A confident, risk-taking girl with individuality.

Who would you love to see in your designs, dead or alive?

Rihanna. Alive please.

What sums up your latest collection?

Miami Vice. I was really inspired by the 80’s aesthetic of the TV show and the pastels, beach vibe and architecture of Miami.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on a shoot?

Our shoot in the Virgin Islands. I was pinching myself because the location was so beautiful – it was something out of a dream.

And your dream location?


We know you love to surf. Is that how you keep your bod in check?

Venice breathes a healthy lifestyle, and being in a bikini a lot helps to keep me in check.

What are your favorite ways to mix your suits into your out-of-water wardrobe?

Our stuff goes really well with high-waisted pants and shorts. I also wear our string bikinis as bras and our one-pieces as bodysuits so I’m always beach ready.

What’s your favorite brunch spot in Venice?

Oscar’s Cerveteca

The coolest thing you own?

My new motorcycle, definitely.

Your beach bag essentials?

Almond Glow coconut oil, Egyptian Magic and vintage Mexican shawls that I use as towels and wraps.

Your guilty pleasure?

Ace of Base’s first album


Bring a bikini with you.


Trust anyone who doesn’t like The Beatles

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