Back To Cool with Cory Kennedy


 Last week, we ditched school (ok, so it was actually work) to hang with Cory Kennedy. It was a perfect L.A. afternoon—she took us on a tour of her old teenage stomping grounds, got real about eating breakfast for dinner, and may or may not have driven the wrong way on a one-way street.

Hey Cory! You grew up in LA, but now you’re living on the East Coast. What are you doing on a typical night in New York?

To be honest I’m probably on my couch watching Jon Stewart, West Wing or The Sopranos, or some crazy documentary. Usually, I’m with my cat and a huge bowl of ravioli, where I then pass out, wake up and get antsy and stroll around my neighborhood to meet my friends. Or it could be the opposite—being picked up in a fancy car to attend a movie premiere and have that glamour side to my life.

What are your top 3 favorite places in New York and LA?

In New York: Dashwood Books, The Smile Restaurant, or any public garden in my neighborhood, Alphabet City!

In LA: anyone’s bed or couch, Swingers, and M Cafe.

What are you doing at Nylon?

Still writing and conducting Cory’s Corner, my column. And I’m interviewing designers for Nylon TV during fashion week.

What are your quirks?

I’m pretty introverted and I love plants and my cat, Kitty.

Didn’t you say you love to talk in the SNL Californians voice when you’re in NY?

Yeah, I do that consistently. I apologize to my roommate, Georgia.

What kind of music are you listening to?

I listen to everything- I’m in the know of new music and I always love finding old gems of bands. I’m a wise vault when it comes to music because it plays such a strong part in my life and it always has.

Seeing that you love music so much, I guess it’s pretty obvious why you DJ?

Yes! People always ask about how or what kind of set lists I made, and truth be told I’ve never made one because I need to feel the vibe of the crowd I’m working with so we can actually all enjoy what I play.

Let’s take it back to LA. Describe the neighborhoods you grew up in.

The first one was quite a yuppy town, Manhattan Beach. Then, I popped out of that bubble and started living in Santa Monica!

Tell me about the window you used to sneak out of.

It was either mine or literally out of the front door.

Do you have any stories about sneaking out?

When I was in 9th grade, I’d make my first real boyfriend park two blocks away so my mom would never ever see. I’d also lie about sleeping at a girlfriends house for the weekend and actually end up taking a road trip to San Fran and just kill it with sparks and shower on hotel gyms. I also went to Coachella for my first time that way, too. I can go on and on but for the most part, I was a good kid!

How would you describe your style?

Comfortable, adventurous and eclectic.

Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal
Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal
Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal
Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal Fashion Books - Nasty Gal
Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal Cory Kennedy For Nasty Gal

Photographs by Felisha Tolentino