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Just one look at Alees Yvon’s Instagram, and you’ll be hooked. It’s hard to not fall in love with this L.A. girl’s killer ’90s style, so we asked her to share her ultimate Nasty Gal holiday wish list and explain what makes it so awesome.

Full name and location:

Alees Yvon. SF /LA/NYC.

Three emojis to describe yourself:


What do you do, and why is it awesome?

I have magical powers that inspire the universe, haha. Right now, I’m a model, muse and DJ. Modeling is fun for obvious (like playing dress up), but I like to do more than just take pictures. I try and make a connection with the photographer that I am working with in order to tell a story or bring a concept to life. Deejaying has been an interest of mine for so long—I’ve loved music all my life. I’ve been out numerous times where the music is plain and not very intriguing, and that kind of makes the overall night not fun. Now that I’m doing it, I like to spin music that gives people good energy and sets the tone for good times. My sets usually are on a ’90s, trippy, trap vibe.


Tell us about three amazing things that happened in 2013:

1. My first official DJ set at The Lash Die Fresh party here in LA. It was very invigorating!
2. My Avatar Shawty surprising me with a ticket to NYC for fashion week. I had the best time there this summer with all my friends. So much good progressive energy in one place. This trip inspired me for my next move! In 2014, I’m comin’ for ya New York.
3. A road trip to Death Valley, CA for a photoshoot. Death Valley is like another planet. One moment you’re driving on a paved road and the next there’s just mud, rocks and salt deposits that make the ground look like fresh snow has fallen. It’s really unearthly and more like an alien habitat. I experienced it with two of my best alien friends nonetheless.

Most awkward gift you’ve ever received:

A sex toy from my ex. It was awk because it was like, “Wait, who are you even to tell me what I need? Gross, zomg!”

Tell us about your holiday wish list!

I’m not a big holiday dresser, but I do love plaid, and it looks good around this time of year. The New Slang Dress is a must have. I’d feel very Queeny in the Liquid Gold Faux Leather Bustier. I chose these Jeffrey Campbell thigh highs boots because they remind me of Beyonce in the Bonnie and Clyde video. Vintage Jean Paul Gautier Faces of Mesh Top for whenever I wanna channel an ’80s pop star. The Morning Warrior Adieu Crop because it would go with everything. I love black and white staples that and contrast to my colorful closet. The Candy Quilted Backpack because I kind of hate purses and this is too kawaii. Every girl needs a LBD, and this one is wicked. The Everland Big In Japan Crop Sweater just makes so much sense for my life.


Fill in the blank: In 2014, I’m going to…

…make pastels a thing, and travel even more.

What specific aspects of ’90s culture inspire you the most?

I’m heavily inspired by the ’90s simply because it’s the era that I was raised and have the most memories.  I really appreciate the ’90s female R&B/hip-hop artist and entertainers like TLC, Da Brat, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott because they were sooo next level. Growing up watching those music videos and TV shows, I’ve naturally inherited certain aspects of that time period and culture.

Why do you think youth culture is so strong in 2013?

The introduction and use of the internet. Instead of everyone having the same style inspirations via printed media, young people are now able to use the internet to inspire them to create their own persona and style. It also makes the world so much smaller, which I think makes our generation feel more connected.

(Photos by Mancy Grant)

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