Put A Ring On It


Hey! It’s almost V-Day, so we gathered five of our favorite fashion couples from around the globe to talk all things L-O-V-E.


Who they are: Model and Ksubi co-founder.

Why we love them: Aussies Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Dan Single remind us that it’s OK to show some PDA (remember their now-defunct couple adventures blog?) as long as it’s all in the name of love.

“Love is such a splendid thing but—to keep it short and sweet—I will take a quote from two of my homies in London, the Chemical Brothers: ‘Just remember to fall in love. There’s nothing else.'” —Bambi



Who they are: Photographer and DIIV drummer.

Why we love them: There’s something about Sandy Kim and Colby Hewitt’s inseparableness that makes us wish we could travel the world with our BFF and document every awesome moment of it.

I think love is the feeling you get when you find someone or something that becomes more important than anything else in your life.” —Colby

“Love is an extreme emotion. It’s when you’re the happiest, it’s when you the saddest, most angry, most jealous.” —Sandy Kim



Who they are: Talent agent and model/musician.

Why we love them: Laura Wilson and Tasha Tilberg show us that married life can be downright rad, and that there’s hope you can find your future wife at a night club.

“Love is going from backstage to babies.”



Who they are: Stylist and photographer.

Why we love them: In a perfect world, we’d spend every day working with the person we love most, and Marine Braunschvig and Edouard Plongeon figured out how to do just that—in the most inspiring way possible.

“Love is sharing (almost) everything. We’ve been together for 12 years now, and we have the same taste in music, books, food, films, and art. As we work together, it makes things so much easier.” —Marine



Who they are: Model and photographer.

Why we love them: Ali Michael has a passionate way with words, and her thoughtful approach to love and life make us want to stop and tell everyone how much they mean to us.

“Love is appreciating everything your partner experiences, has experienced and will experience. I will do anything for you, like dance or put on a silly costume and not care at all what other people think. I never think you’ll ever hurt me. You turn my world around and make me see things in a different light. You inspire me and you give me confidence to take myself seriously and be as creative as I can be. Every idea or thought I have I know you appreciate. You will back me for any project I take on—of course if it’s within the realm of sanity, but occasionally insane ideas are welcome too.” —Ali and Marcel