Gals Of Summer: KIKI The Minimalist


To kick off Gals of Summer, we traveled from LA to NYC to track down the real girls who heat up the city.

Kiki, a photo editor for The Wall Group, is a minimalist with a club kid twist. With jet black bangs and porcelain skin, she personifies cool and never lets ’em see her sweat. Check out her White Haute Summer Goth summer survival guide.

(Photos by Magnus Unnar)

1. Secret to wearing white and not looking like you army crawled through a mudslide:

Don’t live in NYC

2. SPF:

Zero. I use a parasol.

3. Bikini or one-piece?

Black, Realise, one-piece swimsuit.


4. Summer sounds like:

Baby Don’t Cry by EXO-K

5. The perfect white tee is:


6. Best iPhone photo app:

Girls Camara by GMO Internet Group


7. What’s on your summer reading list:

Self-help books

8. Favorite building in NYC:

Cathedral of St. John the DivineĀ 

9. How has the city changed since last summer:

New York City doesn’t change in a year, but a year in New York City will always change a person (for better or worse).

10. Who is your style icon?

I don’t have a style icon. Once you idolize a specific person, it may follow that you narrow the possibilities to expand your own identity and you may become static. Of course, it’s important to recognize that certain people are applauded for their style, but it’s also important to recognize that we all have different access levels to wealth, certain clothing, etc. I do, however, respect those who understand that style can be a used as a tool to posture yourself to different audiences within society and/or who use clothing as a positive means of escapism.