A Primer In Vintage Clothing

We have had a huge number of emails from customers, asking if we will do re-orders on our vintage pieces or will be getting other sizes, etc. To clarify, we sell mostly pre-worn vintage pieces, straight out of ’68, ’76, or ’88–and all years in between. These are not Anthropologie-esque knockoffs or items that are made to look vintage, but actual dated pieces with a history all their own.

I know it’s heartbreaking that we won’t be getting in a huge shipment in of, say, the Loretta Lace Fringe Tunic. But please keep in mind that this is what makes vintage clothing so unique. It’s rare to find more than one of each piece, but we are sleepless in our quest to bring you the very best authentic vintage clothing around. Although things sell out fast, we update the store often with tons of amazing vintage clothing each week.

We are in the process of building our non-vintage end of the shop, with a roster of designers we think you’ll love. And of course, there will be more than one of each!