Sold Out? Fret Not!

We are experiencing some serious growing pains! The site launched five days ago to be exact, and we’ve already sold out of almost every vintage piece in the shop. Thank you to any and all of you who have visited the site or shopped so far, as we are so very grateful to to have such a well received launch.

We do have multiples of the Acid Wash Tights and vintage eyewear, though, so take a peek at those until we do get more pieces in the shop. Also, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to find out about our next batch of new arrivals!

We will be working hard today and tomorrow to ship off the many orders we received, shoot even more, and stock up the non-vintage end of our shop with unique pieces we think you’ll love.

Thank you again to everyone, and check back right here for more updates!