NO SCRUBS: Catcalling Soon to Be Illegal in France

Hanging out the passenger side of your best friend’s ride, trying to holler at me.

Starting next month, catcalling (a.k.a. street harassment) will be a big fat “no” in France. Yes, a daily annoyance and threat to everyday safety is finally punishable by law 🙌

France is only the latest country to take official action against this common public danger (due to a recent incident caught on video, may we add), and we hope many more countries will be moved to follow suit.

Here in the United States, 65% of women and 25% of men reported having been victims of catcalling in their lives, with street harassment laws varying by state. Laws like this are unfortunately necessary for us all to feel safe. Kudos to France for waking up to this issue, we hope to see conversation and worldwide legislation continue on this path in the future (the near future).

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